What is ATM?

What Does ATM Mean

The term cashier , which comes from the Latin word capsarius , is used to name the subject who, in a commercial establishment, is in charge of managing a box (the machine or the place where the money is kept ).

For example: "I want to make a withdrawal from my savings account: could you tell the cashier to come?" , "The robbers beat the store cashier and took the proceeds" , "This supermarket should have more cashiers so that customers can pay and leave in less time . "
In markets and supermarkets , cashiers are the employees who pass the products through the barcode reader to record the price and prepare the account to be paid. Sometimes they are also in charge of placing the products in bags or boxes. Once the prices of all the items have been added up, the cashier requests the money from the buyer, who must deliver the payment before taking the products away. Another option is for the buyer to pay by debit card or credit card . In this case, you will have to sign a proof of the operation.

Of course, it must be taken into account that, in recent years, other types of ATMs have become fashionable in supermarkets and large stores. Specifically, these are devices that perform the function of the former and are called “self-service”. They have barcode readers through which the customer passes the products he has purchased.
Then, once all the items have passed through those devices, select the type of payment to be made on the screen. That is, it establishes if you are going to pay in cash or if you will do it by card. This is how the payment of the purchase will be made and to finish you will obtain your corresponding purchase receipt.
These self-service ATMs have been seen by many customers as a great advantage, especially when they are in a hurry and do not want to wait in a long line at the checkout. However, there are those who consider that what these devices come to do is remove jobs.
At banks , tellers are responsible for collecting bills, taking deposits, and delivering money. If a person wants to deposit a check in his account or wants to withdraw the money he has saved, he must approach a teller.
Finally, it is called an automated teller machine or ATM (for the English expression “Automated Teller Machine” ), the machine that fulfills similar functions to those of a human teller. These devices, which work with debit or credit cards and security codes, deliver and receive money and charge for services , among other tasks.
Updating the savings book, buying and collecting tickets, recharging the wallet card that you have, recharging the balance of the mobile phone or even sending money abroad are other operations that can be carried out from the ATM. However, you have to be very careful when doing any of these since there are many thieves who take advantage of this circumstance to appropriate the money. Not forgetting the criminals who install certain technology in those devices to get the card data.

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