What is Asperger?

What Does Asperger Mean

The Asperger syndrome is a pervasive disorders of the development . It is a syndrome that is included within the disorders linked to autism .

The term Asperger syndrome was proposed by Lorna Wing in 1981 , in honor of the pediatrician and psychiatrist Hans Asperger .
Human beings who do not suffer from this disorder are able to notice the emotions of other people, which is known as empathy . This interpretation arises from a kind of analysis of the language of the body and the conditions of the environment. Those with Asperger's syndrome, on the other hand, do not have this capacity and, therefore, are not empathetic .

People with the most intense syndrome may not even understand what a smile means or any other gesture that transmits some type of communication, which makes it difficult to develop social ties . On the other hand, those affected by Asperger's fail to grasp what is said between the lines or indirectly suggested.
Much research has been done about this syndrome in order, among other things, to be able to determine the causes that originate it. The studies carried out have not determined a specific cause for it to appear, however, a series of ideas have been established in this regard. In this sense, it has been made clear that it can have its origin both in the antecedents of close relatives who suffer from autism and in a genetic component, which normally emanates from the father.
For all these reasons, the following can be established as usual identifying symptoms that a specific person suffers from this syndrome: naivety, inability to hold a conversation with another individual, clumsiness regarding the motor apparatus, a lot of memory for what are small details, non-verbal communication problems or rapid alteration if there are changes in the day-to-day routine.
Likewise, another series of very frequent symptoms should also be added to them, such as the tendency to walk or balance when concentrating, and various peculiarities both in terms of language and speech.
Regarding the time of treatment of the Asperger patient and more specifically of the child who suffers it, it is essential that both his family and the teachers he has and the rest of the environment work together to help him. Among the basic guidelines that are established to develop such treatment, some stand out, such as, for example, encouraging the child to participate in conversations, expressing clearly and simply the rules to be followed or developing very specific teachings.
It is important to note that, although people affected by autistic symptoms such as Asperger's syndrome are often considered gifted , the truth is that the brain only manages to focus intensely on some specific issues. Therefore, this disorder is mistakenly associated with a special quality.

Among the personalities who have been diagnosed with this syndrome, are the Nobel Prize winner Vernon Smith , the actor Dan Aykroyd , the late singer Syd Barrett and the musician Craig Nicholls , frontman of The Vines .
Asperger or asperjar , finally, is a verb that refers to the action of sprinkling or scattering the drops of a liquid.

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