What is armor?

What Does armor Mean

Armor is the act and result of shielding : protecting something from the action of projectiles , fire, or something similar. The concept can be used in a literal sense (when certain materials are used for shielding) or symbolically (a figurative or non-material protection).

As a physical barrier , armor is often used in special vehicles to minimize the damage that can be caused by shots fired by attackers. It is common for the shielding to be made with a sheet of steel or other metal that is used to cover what is intended to be protected.
If a thief fires shots at an armored car , for example, the bullets will not make it through the body of the car. This is a very important security mechanism for the car's occupants, who can eventually flee the attack without receiving damage.

To protect glass panels or glass doors, security films are used , which are placed on the inside and do not alter visibility. This product increases the mechanical resistance against impacts and blows of various types, but the most important thing is that it prevents the fragments of the damaged glass from being thrown, since they remain adhered to the film.
Security films serve to protect both a structure and the people inside it and their discovery occurred by accident, when a scientist dropped a flask and discovered that the plastic film covering it had prevented it from break into pieces and even spill its contents.
It is known by the name of reactive armor to which it reacts in a certain way when a projectile hits its surface, in order to reduce the damage it can cause to the vehicle it protects. Its effectiveness is considerable against APFSDS (Armor-Stabilized Fin- Stabilized Armor-piercing Projectiles with Sabot Disposable Cap) and Hollow Charges (an explosive projectile construction technique that redirects and concentrates force to overcome an armored surface).
In this context, the most used is explosive reactive armor , which is also known by its acronym in English ERA , SLERA , NERA and NxRA . Although the NxRA and NERA modules have enough resistance to absorb multiple attacks , unlike the other two, if a projectile hits the same point as the previous one, it is likely to penetrate the vehicle.
Tires can also benefit from shielding through the use of safety rings . In this case, there are several materials , such as aluminum, polymers, nylon and rubber. The rings are installed inside the rim, in such a way that it supports the entire surface of the rim and that it cannot move. This extends the life of the tires and improves grip on the ground.

Shielding also applies to the clothing of members of the security forces or of people who, for any reason, are in a situation of risk. In this case, the shielding is carried out with spongy materials that can resist impacts. The bulletproof vests used by police officers, to cite one case, are an example of armored clothing.
In a symbolic sense, the idea of shielding is often used to name the protection that some personalities enjoy from the media. A very powerful businessman who owns several television channels, radios and newspapers, may have a media shield that allows him to prevent corruption complaints against him and various accusations of all kinds from being disseminated by journalism.

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