What is appearance?

What Does appearance Mean

The term appearance , from the Latin word apparitio , alludes to the act and the consequence of appearing : making oneself present, revealing oneself. The concept has several uses according to the context .

In its most elemental sense, an apparition implies that something or someone manifests or lets itself be seen . For example: "The appearance of whales near the beaches in the north of the city surprised biologists, since it is not usual for these animals to move around the area" , "Numerous human rights organizations marched to the Government House to demand the appearance alive of the militant who has not been seen for three days ” , “ The residents of the neighborhood were surprised by the appearance of posters with fascist proclamations on the public highway ” .

Another meaning of appearance refers to the vision of a fantastic or supernatural creature, a spiritual entity or a ghost . This vision can occur in different ways and depends on the sensation, perception or belief of the person : "Yesterday, while I was walking through the forest, I had an apparition: I saw the Virgin Mary under a tree" , "The religious assured having had several appearances of angels in the temple " , " I would love to have an appearance from my grandfather to ask him what happens after death ... " .
In the realm of religion , apparitions often include revelations . Among the most mentioned are the Marian apparitions , which occur when the Virgin Mary manifests herself. Of course, the way of understanding or accepting this type of apparition is associated with faith .

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