What is app?

What Does app Mean

Application is a term that comes from the Latin word applicatĭo and that refers to the action and effect of applying or applying (putting something on something else, using or executing something, attributing).

For example: "I have to give myself a new application of the vaccine before traveling to Africa" , "The application will be intravenous to speed up times" , "The interesting thing about this knife is that it has several applications: it can be used to cut cheese soft, to peel fruits or to remove the bones from the fish ” .
The notion of application is also used to name the assiduity or hobby with which something is done . This use of the concept is frequent in the field of study, where the applied student is the one who fulfills his obligations and abides by the teacher's orders: "If you continue to demonstrate your application, you will be chosen as the standard bearer of the school . "

A computer application is a type of software that allows the user to perform one or more types of work. Word processors and spreadsheets are examples of computer applications, while operating systems or utility programs (which perform maintenance tasks) are not part of these programs.
The applications can have been developed to measure (to satisfy the specific needs of a user) or form part of an integrated package (as the case of Microsoft Office ).
There are also in this line the so-called web applications, which are those that allow a specific user to use them simply by making use of an Internet connection. Among the most frequent examples that can be used to define those are blogs or online stores.
In recent years, especially as a result of the expansion of the aforementioned Network, a multitude of applications of this type have been created. And it is that they bring with them an important number of advantages such as that they do not take up any type of space on the computer, that allow tasks to be carried out very quickly and easily, that they are updated periodically and automatically and that they are available to anyone .
In addition to all this, it is also necessary to highlight that the excessive use that is given to certain mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones has led to the birth of another technological sector: that of applications for smartphones. Thus, for example, one of the platforms that offers the most products to its users is Android.
In this way, anyone who has a phone equipped with said operating system has the opportunity to make use of a multitude of apps, both for entertainment and for information or communication. Some are absolutely free and others are paid, but all of them have become a benchmark at the present time.
Among the most successful applications of this type at the moment, WhatsApp stands out, which allows you to exchange messages and photos with other people and at no cost.

Finally, in the field of mathematics , an application is an operation through which every element of a set is made to correspond a single element of another set.

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