What is annexation?

What Does annexation Mean

Annexation is the act and consequence of annexing . The verb anexar, meanwhile, refers to attaching or joining one thing to another .

The idea of annexation is often used with reference to a process through which a State incorporates, by force, a territory that was part of another State . Annexation implies that the occupying forces access the region in question to appropriate it, accompanying the action with a unilateral declaration.
It is important to mention that annexation can be related to a conquest . International law does not recognize this type of procedure, while States that resort to annexation to incorporate territories do not usually use this concept.

Annexation involves taking over another country , either totally or a particular area. In this framework, the occupier eliminates the institutions of the nation and transfers his own, using mainly his armed forces.
An example of annexation took place in 1951 , when the annexation of Tibet by China took place . The Kingdom of Tibet had achieved its independence in 1912 ; however, in the early 1950s , the army of the People's Republic of China invaded its territory (to "liberate" it , according to the Chinese communist regime). Today Tibet has the status of an autonomous region, although it belongs to the Chinese state.
In 1990 , on the other hand, Iraq proceeded to annex Kuwait . This military action triggered the beginning of the so-called Gulf War : with the surrender of Iraq that ended the war, Kuwait regained its independence .

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