What is anhydrous?

What Does anhydrous Mean

Anhydrous is an adjective that is used in the field of chemistry to describe a substance that lacks water . The term comes from the Greek word anydros, which is precisely translated as "that has no water . "

In some cases, the anhydrous element never has water in its structure. However, sometimes a substance has water and then loses it, thereby becoming anhydrous.
To make a solvent anhydrous, the usual thing is to make it boil together with a hygroscopic substance (that is, capable of absorbing moisture). Another possibility is to use a molecular sieve .

When the presence of water affects the development of a desired compound, a chemical reaction can be promoted to obtain an anhydrous one. In this framework, hygroscopic materials are used that capture moisture.
The anhydrous ethyl alcohol for example, is produced by molecular sieves promote clean dehydration of the ethanol . It can be used as an industrial solvent, fuel or raw material in the pharmaceutical industry and in perfumery, to mention a few possibilities.
The anhydrous sodium sulfate , meanwhile, is used in the pulp and as additive in the manufacture of glass. Due to its anhydrous property, it also serves as a desiccant in different processes carried out in laboratories .
The sulfate anhydrous copper , on the other hand, is a grayish powder. Reacting with water generates copper sulfate pentahydrate, which is used as an algaecide, fungicide, compost, and veterinary medicine.

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