What is an information systems technician?

An information systems technician is employed by a business, military, or government office to manage and support an organization's computer networks and information systems. The job responsibilities of an individual hired as an Information Systems Technician include desktop computer support services, server administration, and telecommunications system maintenance. Information systems technicians are generally required to have obtained at least an associate's degree in information technology or a related subject before being hired, or have years of experience working in the field.

Computer information technicians install and maintain the software and hardware necessary for the operation of a company's computer network. Telecommunications equipment, such as telephone and voice mail systems, are also often operated and managed by a systems technician. This includes installing wiring and wiring for computer and phone systems, as well as repairing these systems should problems occur. A company's email servers are also often managed by an information technician.

Providing support for computer use and troubleshooting computer problems reported by staff and system users are the primary computer desk services an information systems technician is generally responsible for. In some situations, an information technician also provides technical support to a company's customers and customers who use the organization's information systems network. This part of an information systems technician's job requires teamwork and customer service skills. In addition to helping clients and coworkers resolve computer problems, an information technician may also conduct training classes for staff to educate others on the use of computers and software.

In addition to providing support and training services, an information systems technician manages a company's computer network system. Job responsibilities involve installing and maintaining servers and computer operating systems. System updates are managed by an information technician, as well as constant monitoring of network servers and system performance. Backing up and archiving system data, such as email, voice mail, and computer files, is sometimes done by an information systems technician.

Places that employ systems technicians include regional government offices and branches of a country's military. A person interested in becoming an information systems technician can pursue an associate's degree in information technology from a technical school or community college. The job may require non-standard working hours in some situations, as information systems must be maintained around the clock.

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