What is amend?

What Does amend Mean

The verb to amend refers to solving a fault or to repair something . For example: “The main challenge facing the government is to amend the public accounts” , “The leaders of both countries intend to amend the link” , “There are mistakes from the past that unfortunately cannot be amended” .

The act of amending can refer to a physical (material) or abstract (symbolic) arrangement. Suppose a child falls while playing soccer and his pants are torn at the left knee. Faced with this situation, his mother decides to amend the pants by sewing a patch of cloth over the tear. In this context, the amendment represents a material reparation.

If we stop for a few moments in this sense, we can say that the verb amend is defined as "remove defects , fix or correct certain damages." When used in relation to a garment, it is also possible to appeal to its synonym to patch , which is often confused with the first in everyday speech.
The verb to patch , for its part, is defined as "reinforcing with a piece of cloth or other material something that is broken or old, in particular some garment ." It can also mean "to stitch a part that is worn or perforated, to reinforce or cover it." The piece of cloth used in these cases is known as a "patch".
In other contexts, the act of amending cannot be associated with something concrete or physical. Take the case of a father who feels that, by focusing on his work , he is neglecting his relationship with his adolescent son. Willing to correct this defect, the man begins to get closer to the young man, sharing talks and outings. As can be seen, the solution to the problem does not have a materialization in a particular object.
In the marine field, it is known as amending the change in anchorage or heading according to the needs of the boat. When amending, therefore, another place to anchor or a different address is chosen .
The term anchorage is used to define the place of a bay, a river or a port, among others, in which the anchors of the ship can be adequately fastened, due to the depth of its bottom, its nature and its quality. , in addition to the fact of being sheltered from some winds. On hydrographic drawings, for example, it is indicated by the abbreviation Fond. ° or, more frequently, by the drawing of a sloping anchor.
An amendment , finally, is a proposal that seeks to amend a bill or law . Said proposal must be treated within the framework of a certain procedure to define its approval or rejection.

In the field of Law , the concept of amendment is understood as a change that is made to an official document, especially to bills, texts and articles of laws. In the same way, an amendment can be called some constitutional reforms, such as those made in the Constitution of the United States, or some alterations to international treaties.
It goes without saying that amending an official document is not a quick or easy procedure, but must go through different phases and be supervised by certain authorities. In fact, an amendment proposal does not always receive approval from those who review it. This procedure is different in each country and also depending on the rule you intend to modify: its content, its form and the way in which the proposal is approved, for example, may vary.

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