What is allergic bronchitis?

Allergic bronchitis is a disease where someone has severe allergies that lead to a reaction of the bronchial immune system. Doctors can sometimes distinguish it from regular bronchitis by looking for other allergic symptoms in the patient. Allergic bronchitis will usually be exacerbated by seasonal allergies, so it is often a very short-term condition. In cases where a person has persistent bronchitis caused by allergies, they will sometimes need to have an allergy test so that the doctor can determine what is causing the problem.

Symptoms of an allergic bronchitis flare-up usually include wheezing and coughing, and sometimes the cough can produce a lot of mucus. Since allergic bronchitis is caused by an allergy, other air passages in the person's body can also become inflamed, which is why they can also suffer from nasal congestion and other symptoms of hay fever. Allergic bronchitis looks so much like normal hay fever that it can sometimes be ruled out in the early stages. However, once someone's lungs are affected more severely, it may be more obvious.

There are several ways to treat bronchitis when it is due to an allergy. In many cases, patients will focus on treating cough and congestion. For example, a patient may purchase over-the-counter cough medicine, which can be effective in treating symptoms. You might also choose to try antihistamine medications that temporarily weaken the immune system's reaction. These types of treatments won't actually cure the problem, so patients may need to continue them periodically while their allergies flare.

There are also situations when patients decide that it is necessary to completely get rid of the allergy. These people can go to a special doctor who will run tests on their bodies to determine the exact allergy. Once that is determined, they will sometimes be injected with small portions of the allergen in an attempt to help them build immunity. This is not always possible because sometimes people have dangerously severe reactions to an allergy.

When someone with allergic bronchitis has a dangerous reaction, they can suffocate because their lungs can close completely. When this type of reaction occurs, it can be quite sudden and unpredictable. It really doesn't take long for a person to die from allergies that severe, so it's usually important for these people to make preparations, just in case an emergency occurs.

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