What is algid?

What Does algid Mean

In order to know the meaning of the critical term at hand, we have to start by determining what its etymological origin is. In this case, we can underline that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically from “algidus”, which in turn comes from the verb “algere” and which can be translated as “to be cold”.

The first meaning indicated in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) refers to what is or is extremely cold (that is, whose temperature is very low).
For example: "The hot weather in this city has already gotten me tired: I dream of living in a tropical country" , "We have gone through a hot winter, but spring is near and the warm days will soon come" , "It's a hot night , ideal for staying at home next to a heater and drinking brandy ” .

Álgido is also used to qualify the critical or most transcendent moment of a certain process or cycle: “The relationship between both nations is going through a critical moment” , “The tourist season is at its peak” , “I prefer not to talk about this very critical issue since I do not want to hurt susceptibilities or generate conflicts ” .
Suppose that two bordering countries have a long dispute over territorial limits. Following statements by its political leaders and several complaints, the president of one of the states threatens to invade the territory of the other nation to regain the land that, he claims, belongs to his country. For political analysts, this possible invasion represents the highest point of the conflict: it is the moment of greatest importance due to its eventual consequences.
In the field of sexuality, the term that we are dealing with at the moment is also resorted to. Exactly it is used to refer to the moment of maximum pleasure that is experienced during sexual activity, either alone or in company. Based on all the above, it is determined that orgasm is the moment of greatest pleasure that is experienced when having sex, that is, it is the peak moment.
In addition to all that has been indicated so far, we have to underline the fact that it is confused with another word within what is the medical field. Yes, because there are many professionals in the health sector who use the adjective "high" with the clear objective of mentioning that a specific patient has a sore or complaining appearance. In those cases, they are not speaking correctly since there is a term that expresses that. It is none other than pain.
This second term derives from Latin, specifically it comes from the Greek word "algia", which can be translated as "pain". Hence, algic is the adjective to be used in the cases cited and not critical.
Finally, Monte Álgido is the name by which Monte Artemisio was formerly known . It is an elevation of 812 meters high that belongs to the Alban Mountains and is located in the Italian province of Rome .

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