What is airline?

What Does airline Mean

An airline or airline is a company dedicated to the transfer of cargo and / or passengers in aircraft . In general, these companies have a fleet of aircraft with different characteristics.

It is important to note that there are different classes of airlines. While some regularly operate certain routes , there are others that work from orders and specific agreements with their clients, carrying out what is known as charter flights .
Airlines transport passengers to many cities around the world.
Types of airlines
There are different types of airlines depending on the service they provide, the distances they cover and other characteristics. A first major distinction can be made between the airline passenger and cargo airlines , although many companies offer both services.

Passenger airlines usually make regular flights between different points. The traveler must adapt to the frequencies and schedules of the airline, buying the tickets that are most convenient for them. Cargo airlines have a similar operation, although they transport merchandise and packages.
A flag airline , meanwhile, is owned by a State or has certain privileges granted by the authorities. In general, these airlines enjoy tax benefits and receive subsidies or subsidies for their operation, which is considered strategic. Aerolineas Argentinas , Boliviana de Aviación , Air Canada , British Airways and Air India are some examples of flag airlines.
Air travel can have different features and amenities depending on the airline.
The low cost
Among the groups of airlines we find low-cost or low-cost airlines , also known by the English expression low cost . These companies remove or charge extra for various services that traditional airlines conventionally offer to all their passengers.

The key to the business of these airlines lies in cutting costs. This allows them to have lower rates than the rest of the companies, although this reduction has an impact on the comforts for the user.
Typically, low cost airlines operate only one type of plane and their tickets do not include food or snacks. They also charge separately for the transfer of suitcases and even the use of blankets or pillows. The Irish Ryanair , the English easyJet , the Argentine Flybondi , the American Southwest Airlines and the Czech SmartWings are low-cost airlines.
Airline alliances
Many airlines are grouped in airline alliances , born from the signing of cooperation agreements. In this way, the different companies optimize their operation and make it easier for passengers to make connections .
The key to airline alliances are codeshare agreements , through which airlines operate certain routes together. Air alliances also allow their members to share facilities and offices .
Oneworld (which includes American Airlines , British Airways , Iberia and Qatar Airways , among other airlines), Star Alliance ( Air Canada , United Airlines , Lufthansa , Air China ) and SkyTeam ( Aerolineas Argentinas , Delta Air Lines , Air France , KLM ) they are the main airline alliances in the world . Together they operate thousands of flights a day, transporting a huge number of travelers globally.

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