What is airbag?

What Does airbag Mean

Airbag is a concept that refers to an airbag that, if a crash occurs, inflates automatically to protect those who travel in a vehicle, cushioning the impact . The German company Mercedes-Benz patented the technology in 1971 .

Most of the cars manufactured today have airbags. The system includes sensors to detect collisions; devices that generate a chemical reaction to produce nitrogen or other gas in a fraction of a second; and the bag itself that is inflated with the gas.
Thus, if a car crashes, the airbag sensors are activated and the airbag inflates almost instantaneously. Instead of hitting the steering wheel, dash, or other hard parts of the car , occupants hit the already inflated bag.

There are front airbags , the side airbags , the rear airbags and curtain airbags . It is important to mention that the presence of this safety mechanism in the car does not imply that the use of a seat belt is no longer necessary: ​​both resources are complementary and, acting together, they reduce the lethality of road accidents.
Airbag , on the other hand, is a name shared by different rock bands . In Argentina , it is a group founded in 1999 (at that time with another name) by the brothers Guido , Patricio and Gastón Sardelli that has released six albums. Airbag is also a Spanish punk rock trio that started their career in 1998 .

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