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What Does aide Mean

Aide de camp is a term that comes from the French expression aide de camp . The concept has several uses according to the context .

The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to the aide or field assistant in the military field . The aide-de-camp is in charge of assisting a head of state or a high-ranking official .
The functions of hostesses, however, vary from country to country . They generally wear a cord as a badge and fulfill various roles in official ceremonies.

Take the case of Argentina . In this nation, the president is assigned three hostesses: these hostesses are officers with the rank of lieutenant colonel (or the equivalent rank) of each of the armed forces (that is, the Air Force , the Navy and the Army ). The Argentine hostesses guard the president and are always located near him to ensure his safety and to resolve various operational issues.
In some regions, an aide-de-camp is a person who assists participants in a congress , fair, or other similar event. In the broadest sense, an aide-de-camp is a companion or an assistant .
Many times the notion of aide-de-camp is used in reference to a woman who works carrying out advertising campaigns or promoting products and services . The hostesses, who carry out a work similar to that of the models , are usually characterized by their youth and beauty and it is common for them to be part of sporting events such as motor racing and boxing matches.

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