What is aftermarket?

What Does aftermarket Mean

In Latin. This language is where the etymological origin of post-sale is found, which is the result of the sum of two differentiated parts: the prefix “post-”, which is equivalent to “after”, and “vendita”, which can be translated as “la action and the effect of selling something ”.

After- sales , also referred to as after-sales , is the service that is provided to the buyer of a product in the weeks or months after the acquisition made. In this way, the manufacturer of said product or its seller assist the buyer in using it or can even repair any faults.
For example: “If you buy this printer, we offer you an after-sales service that includes training and maintenance for six months” , “My brother works in the after-sales area of ​​a technology company” , “I am going to contact the company to request after-sales assistance ” .

Companies that wish to start up an after-sales service, in favor of their image and, of course, in favor of their clients, it is important that they follow a series of recommendations in this regard:

-Never neglect a person who has already made a purchase, that is, to someone who is already a customer

-It is interesting that the customer is followed up. That means that at the time of having obtained one of the articles, you are asked for your satisfaction with it.

-Of course, it is necessary and essential that the employees of that customer service department are educated, show empathy, have the ability to temper their nerves, have the ability to resolve incidents, have the ability to listen and remain calm.
The objective of the post-sale is to establish a commitment with the customer that transcends at the time of purchase. The company that offers the service, in this way, tries to bring confidence to the buyer, supporting their decision with assistance that can be channeled in various ways. After-sales, of course, is also an additional commercial alternative for the company, which can charge for the service.
Many are the companies that offer this service or after-sales attention. Thus, for example, in Spain, Renfe, the railway company, has a proposal of this type. In their case, the objective is none other than to serve those people who have traveled on those trains or who have bought tickets to do so. Thus, the professionals of that department will be able to attend to your complaints or try to solve any incidents that may have occurred.
One of the most frequently included after-sales services is training or education . This type of practice is common in software companies that market certain systems. Suppose a small business decides to install an accounting management system. To help your employees learn how to use it, you can hire the software developer's after-sales service, which includes several classes that teach you about its use.
Post-sale, in other cases, constitutes maintenance of the facilities or machinery sold. In this way, the user ensures the proper functioning of what he bought.

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