What is advocacy?

What Does advocacy Mean

It is called advocacy to the work , the function or task of the lawyer . A lawyer, on the other hand, is the legal professional who is dedicated to providing legal advice or who defends or represents one of the parties in a judicial process.

For example: "There are different ways of practicing law: in my case, I do not defend drug traffickers or murderers" , "I started in the legal profession thirty years ago" , "The legal profession has changed a lot in the last decades" .
Although the legislation changes according to the country, the usual thing is that the subject who wishes to practice law is obliged to have an academic degree in Law (undergraduate or doctorate) and to be registered in an institution that groups together lawyers and provides endorsement its members (such as a bar association ).

The practice of law, therefore, requires completion of university studies. It is important to mention that, although all lawyers are usually named as “doctors” , there are lawyers who are licensed but have not completed a doctorate. In these cases, the mention of "doctor" is linked to a formal treatment and not to a degree achieved.
No less important is to know that it is established, in general lines, that every good lawyer must have the following characteristics:

-He must know how to shape and defend good arguments.

-Among many other skills, you must have a remarkable capacity for persuasion.

-In the same way, it is established that not only must you be willing to reach agreements but that you must be exhaustive, precise and shrewd when it comes to getting the best for your clients.

-It is essential that someone is organized and knows how to plan their work very well.

-Of course, it is necessary that you do not have prejudices and that you always try to put your feelings aside. And it is that they can prevent you from doing your job in the correct way.

-Must have good public speaking skills.
Those who practice law usually work in a studio , either their own or another lawyer. A company offering services of a legal nature it is called firm and usually has a staff of experts in various advocacy.
Suppose a man is scammed in a car purchase transaction. The victim of the scam decides to go to a law firm for help. In this way, you are greeted by a legal specialist who offers his services and explains what the formal steps to follow to obtain a redress are.
It is important to know, for example, that in Spain there is what is known as the General State Attorney, which has the category of undersecretary and depends on the Ministry of Justice. Specifically, we can determine that it is the governing body of the legal assistance services to the State and many other public institutions.

Numerous are the functions it performs and, among them, we can highlight the following:

-Advise in a legal manner to the General State Administration.

-The representation and defense in court of the State and its corresponding agencies.

-The management of what are the registry, archive and statistics services.

-The corresponding inspection of the services that depend precisely on the General State Attorney.

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