What is aduar?

What Does aduar Mean

The first meaning of the term aduar presented by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to a Bedouin camp : that is, of nomadic Arabs . Customs are made up of huts and tents that provide accommodation to those who live in these places.

Usually the aduar takes place with the shops organized in a circle around the cattle. The customs, in this way, function as small towns, which usually have some type of leader or chief (the sheikh).
There are other uses, however, of the concept of aduar. In some American countries, an aboriginal toldería is called aduar . It is also known as aduar to the set of precarious houses and shops that are erected in a marginal region and are constituted as a poor town.

The Aduar , on the other hand, is the name of a farm club created in what was formerly a ranch (paddock) of Arabian horses. It is a private neighborhood with an area of ​​760 hectares next to the Paraná River , in the province of Buenos Aires ( Argentina ).
In El Aduar there are houses for sale and for rent. The club's infrastructure includes a perimeter fence, access controls, surveillance throughout the day and a medium voltage electrical network.
In the town of Las Toninas , also in the province of Buenos Aires , the El Aduar Complex has apartments of one, two and three rooms for rent and for sale. This real estate development is developed on Avenida Costanera .
The Pension Aduar , finally, is a tourist establishment in Marbella ( Spain ). This lodging is in the old town.

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