What is ado?

What Does ado Mean

Before entering fully into the clarification of the meaning of the term fuss that concerns us, we must bet on determining what is its etymological origin. In this case, we have to emphasize that it is a word that derives from Arabic, exactly from “al-haraka” which can be translated as “the movement”.

The fuss is the vehement manifestation of an emotion , triggered by a reason considered minimal or not too important. The notion derives from the Arabic language.
For example: "Do you need to make such a fuss because a glass was broken?" , "The president announced with great fanfare the construction of a new first aid room in the northern city" , "The company launched its new product without much fanfare . "

When something is done with fanfare , therefore, its significance or effect is being exaggerated . Suppose that the mayor of a municipality organizes a large public event, with the presence of numerous media, to announce the reopening of a park. It is a park created ten years ago, to which a plaque with his name has now been added and some flowers have been planted. Taking into account the small magnitude of the work carried out in the place, it is absurd that the mayor has made the presentation with a fuss and that he wants a great recognition for the work.
In the opposite sense, what is carried out without fuss is done in a disguised way, hidden or without much diffusion . If a tennis player little known in the media, based on several wins without much resonance, manages to rise three hundred places in the world ranking and is among the best hundred players on the planet , it could be said that he is forging a solid career without fuss. Different is the case of the athlete whose actions are followed by the press and their statements generate immediate repercussions.
We cannot forget either that “Alharaca” is the title of a Quilapayun song. It is a composition that talks about the distribution of wealth, the different strata of society ...
Within the musical field, it must be taken into consideration that Alharaca is also the name of a group. Specifically, this training is specialized in what is medieval music.
In addition, "Alharaca" is a news portal that is specialized in the Arab world. Specifically, it can be said that it has been operating since the late 1990s, since 1998, and it is considered that it updates all its information every fifteen minutes. In the same way, all its content can be accessed in several different languages ​​and its origin is in the Autonomous University of Madrid. At present, this publication is endorsed by "Alharaca" which is an association that is part of the Ministry of the Interior of Spain.
News from agencies, press releases and all kinds of information related to the Arab world is what can be found on this website, where, in addition, works and research of various kinds are also included.

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