What is accompaniment?

What Does accompaniment Mean

Accompaniment is the act and result of accompanying : finding oneself in the company of other individuals or adding something to something else. Based on these meanings, it is possible to use the concept of accompaniment in different contexts.

The accompaniment of a person can be the subjects who, at a certain moment, are accompanying them. For example: "The singer appeared in court with the accompaniment of his representative" , "He did not encourage me to go alone: ​​luckily I had the accompaniment of my parents and my boyfriend . "
The support or support that is given to something or someone also receives the name of accompaniment: "The president assured his accompaniment to the formula of the Conservative Party" , "The club will go forward with the accompaniment of all the members" , "The children they need the accompaniment of their parents to overcome the different obstacles that the educational process presents them ” .

Therapeutic accompaniment is called the assistance that a professional provides to a patient who is under a certain treatment. The therapeutic companion can develop different tasks to assist the subject.
Within the teaching field there is what is known as pedagogical accompaniment as well. Specifically, it is a term used to refer to a resource that aims to strengthen teachers at a professional level. It is, therefore, a dialogue or an exchange of ideas and experiences between teachers in order to achieve better results in the classroom, for example.
Specifically, it is determined that the great purpose of this tool is none other than to achieve a notable improvement in the quality of student learning.
In the same way, it should not be overlooked that in certain countries or regions there is what is known as school accompaniment. This is an additional tool that is available to those students who may have certain difficulties in reaching the basic skills set. Hence, they have an additional teacher outside of school hours to help them with this.
Specifically, those who usually make use of this resource are immigrants who arrive in a country with a language other than their own, those who are in a situation of social exclusion, those who have complicated personal situations at home, those who have educational needs ...
In the field of music , the accompaniment is the harmonic support that, through voices or instruments, is given to the main melody of a work. In a rock song, an acoustic guitar can be the accompaniment to the melody played by an electric guitar.
For gastronomy , finally, accompaniment (also called lining ) is some preparation that serves as a supplement to the main food. The accompaniment to a steak, to name one case, can be a portion of French fries or rice.

Thus, for example, we can establish that when preparing the accompaniment for meats, the ideal is to opt for potatoes, salad, mushrooms, pumpkin sauce or barbecue ... In the case of fish, gastronomy experts indicate that the best side dishes They are roasted vegetables, salads, green sauce ...

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