What is abstractionism?

What Does abstractionism Mean

It is called abstractionism to the abstract art . This type of art moves away from the figurative and does not try to imitate or reproduce real or natural elements .

Abstractionism, therefore, proposes a different or alternative reality . By discarding figuration, he builds a new universe using colors and shapes that give rise to novel compositions.
It can be said that abstractionism privileges visual sensations and, on the other hand, neglects the faithful representation of things. The artists of this movement do not seek that the objects they create can be identified through recognizable images.

It is important to mention that abstraction was already present in the first artistic manifestations of the human being . However, it was not until 1910 that theories began to be developed in this regard. Russian Vasili Kandinsky ( 1866 - 1944 ) is generally mentioned as the pioneer of abstractionism.
In abstractionism it is possible to recognize different currents. The geometric abstraction is presented as universal and objective appealing to the geometry to remove expressiveness. The expressive abstractionism , however, uses spontaneity and improvisation , giving prominence to the expressiveness of the painter.
It is often stated that abstractionism is based on the feelings and emotions of the artists. There is no relationship between what is represented and its representation: what exists is what is captured on the canvas and nothing else.
Finally, it should be noted that within abstractionism we find various aspects and groups such as constructivism , abstract expressionism and the De Stijl movement , among others.

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