What is a referral?

What Does Reference Mean

We explain what a reference is, the areas in which it is used and its different uses. Also, some synonyms for this term.

A reference operates by substituting words for things.

What is a referral?

It is understood by reference to the relationship that exists between a linguistic expression, such as a word or a phrase, with its correlate in the real world, that is, its referent. It is a fundamental relationship for language , which operates by substituting words for things , which is why we can talk about what is not there or what does not exist, instead of having to indicate everything with gestures.

References are also indications, signs, that provide people who know how to interpret them with a frame (precisely: “frame of reference” or “reference system”) that serves as a guide to something. This is widely used in relativistic physics, for example, since a reference frame is necessary to be able to determine certain characteristics of a physical phenomenon: its position, its speed, etc. This also applies to other knowledge production systems , such as academic and bibliographic systems, for which it is essential to clarify to the reader where the exposed information came from or what sources were consulted. Thus, a degree thesis or an academic report presents at the end a “bibliography” or “references” section (like this same article) where it is detailed where the information came from . The latter can be easily verified in reference databases, such as those available to libraries and information retrieval institutes . These sites have a huge amount of organized data, which can be accessed through a reference or key, that is, through some partial data that allow finding the correct source (s) of the information. wanted.

In conclusion, the term reference can have many uses, but it generally implies an action of alluding, mentioning, pointing out or providing context regarding something . Referring, therefore, is more or less synonymous with alluding, mentioning, relating. It can help you: Bibliography

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