What is a company name?

What Does Business name Mean

We explain what a company name is and what this legal attribute is used for. Also, some examples of well-known brands.

The business name is the name under which an organization or company is registered.

What is a company name?

Just as people have a legal identification usually made up of one or more names, one or more last names and an identification number in the records of their nation , commercial companies have a given name at the time of foundation . This name is your company name or company name.

Thus, when we use the latter term, we refer to the specific name under which a specific organization or company was registered , that is, the official and legal term to refer to it collectively, and which initially distinguishes it from other organizations.

The business name of a company will appear in its founding document, and will identify both the legal person and the organization's community , which is why it is used at formal, administrative and legal levels.

This name can be the one that appears on your official stationery or in your advertising announcements , or it can be strictly bureaucratic and give way to a pseudonym or a more salable name (Trade name) with which to identify your products . For example, the McDonald's company has the business name “Arcos dorados, CA” ( Golden Arches ) in some countries .

The steps for registering a business name are determined by the commercial laws of each nation, but in general it tends to be a rigorous process to demonstrate the originality of the name, since using a foreign business name is considered plagiarism and is subject to legal and juridical sanctions for the ownership of intellectual rights.

Similarly, changes of company name are usually subject to control and documentation processes , since changing the name of an organization, especially if it has capital and assets that may affect third parties or whose origin may be affected. illegal, it should not serve to escape justice and hide illegal actions.

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Examples of company name

Pepsi's business name is PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Tradename. McDonald's / Company name : Arcos Dorados, CA
  • Tradename. Pepsi / Company name : PepsiCo, Inc.
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