What Is a Cage Jacket?

A cage a wire or mesh enclosure that fits around the animal's cage, providing additional protection, security, and comfort. Cage jackets are commonly used in veterinary settings, animal shelters, or pet homes to prevent escape, injury, or unauthorized access to the animal's living space.

The cage jacket typically features openings or access points for food and water dispensers, as well as ventilation to ensure proper air circulation within the enclosure. It may also include adjustable straps or fasteners to secure the jacket firmly to the cage, minimizing the risk of displacement or tampering by the animal.

In addition to its practical benefits, a cage jacket can serve as a temporary housing solution for animals recovering from surgery, illness, or injury. It provides a safe and controlled environment for recuperation while allowing caregivers and veterinary professionals to monitor the animal's condition closely.

Overall, a cage jacket offers a versatile and effective solution for managing the housing and welfare needs of small animals in various settings, promoting their health, safety, and well-being.

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