What happens to the period after an abortion?

The period after an abortion often returns quite quickly, but some women may not see their menstrual cycle return to normal for several months after the procedure. A woman can ovulate as early as two weeks after termination of pregnancy. However, how quickly a woman's period returns after an abortion can vary from individual to individual and depending on how far along the pregnancy is at the time of termination. The post-abortion period returns in the same way as a post-miscarriage period.

The reason your period after an abortion may be late or irregular is because your body may retain some hormones from pregnancy. The body can feel the effects of these hormones for several weeks after the pregnancy ends. One of the changes these hormones cause in the body is the suppression of ovulation, without which there is probably no period.

If the pregnancy was terminated in the first trimester of pregnancy, the post-abortion period will usually return within four to 12 weeks after the procedure. The first period after a surgical abortion may be lighter than normal and may not last as long as usual, or it may be normal. If the first period is significantly heavier or longer than normal, the woman should see her doctor. If the woman had a medical abortion, one that was induced by medication, usually in pill form, she may experience a heavier-than-normal period during the first cycle after pregnancy termination.

There may be some effects on the menstrual cycle for up to two years after an abortion. The period may not resume its normal cycle and may not occur in a regular cycle. The length of time your period lasts after an abortion, the amount of bleeding, and the amount of cramping can change from cycle to cycle for several months. Some women report having symptoms of pregnancy, such as swollen breasts, fatigue, and back pain, at the time of their periods for several months after an abortion. Some women also report more symptoms of clotting, pain, and PMS in the first few periods after an abortion.

The decision to have an abortion is often stressful for women. Abnormal amounts of stress can affect the menstrual cycle and can cause changes in the post-abortion period. This can happen even if the physical effects of the pregnancy and abortion have subsided.

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