What foods are rich in purines?

two of the nitrogenous bases that are part of our DNAadenine (A) and guanine (G), are purine derivatives. Cellular metabolism of these substances produces uric acidwhich is eliminated through the urine as a waste product.

Excessive levels of uric acid in the blood can negatively affect various diseases, mainly the drop Yet the nephrolithiasis. Because dietary purines also follow the uric acid pathwayIn these cases, it is usually recommended to avoid foods rich in purines.

Among the foods with the highest amount of purines, meat derivativessome types of meat, especially red meat, animal viscera, game meats, oily fish and shellfish. For 100 g servings:

  • Meat extract: 2 – 5g
  • red dogs: > 150mg
  • Pork Meat: 145mg
  • Chicken: 50 – 150mg
  • Liver: 120mg
  • canned sardines: 115mg

Limiting protein intake, generally below 15% of the daily diet, is also a common measure in uric acid control diets, because some amino acids affect the purine metabolic pathway.

For this reason, although not all types of meat are rich in purines, their high protein content also causes uric acid to rise, as is the case with high protein diets.

Eggs, and plant foods in general, contain low amounts of purines, with some exceptions such as some legumes, nuts and green leafy vegetables. However, it seems that vegetable sources of purines have little effect on the levels of uric acid in the blood, so that these animals could be consumed safely1.2.

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