What does a land agent do?

A land broker is a person who serves as a liaison between an owner and the person who wants to buy this land, whether it is another individual buyer or a large corporation. Instead of just using a real estate agent, a land agent has particular knowledge about land prices and how to sell different types of land for different purposes. Companies can also hire land brokers to help them locate suitable properties for a specific activity; to develop a wind farm, for example. Note that in some countries, a real estate agent is known as a land agent, so it is important to know what type of agent an individual is.

The most common definition of a land agent is the former; An individual who works to sell and acquire various pieces of land. The services that this type of agent offers to sellers can be very valuable, starting initially with the survey and price of the land. While it's always a good idea to get a number of different opinions before posting a property for sale at a certain price, someone who deals specifically in land sales will be able to provide a better estimate based on true market value.

Additionally, a land broker also provides beneficial and practical services that landowners may not want to perform. This includes listing the property for sale in various areas such as listing services or online. It may also include showing the property, answering questions, and serving as an intermediary if an offer is made to ensure negotiations are handled properly and legally. Once a deal is finalized, the agent can also help draft the contract and be at the closing to make sure everything is handled correctly. This can be invaluable for busy people trying to sell property.

Corporations may also hire a land broker for the opposite purpose, to help locate properties for sale that match your specific desires. Land brokers have access to information about land for sale that others cannot, making this a valuable service. Additionally, land brokers sometimes perform other services, from GIS mapping to locating deeds or drawing up other documents and contracts. For these and other reasons, a land broker is a helpful person in many different types of land sales and acquisitions.

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