What does a 4 year wedding anniversary mean?

Weddings of flowers and fruits is the name given to the celebration of a couple's 4 years of marriage .

Bodas originates from the Latin word " vota ", which means promise. The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries emerged in Germany, especially with the celebration of 25 and 50 years of marriage.

The weddings of these years are called silver and gold, as couples used to win crowns made of these materials at each of these celebrations.

The materials that represent the wedding start with the most fragile and are portrayed by more resistant objects, which can represent the union itself, which strengthens as time passes.

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Flowers and fruits are used as the main symbol for the celebration of this wedding.

The wedding of flowers and fruits represents the fourth year of marriage and the weddings that precede are: paper (1 year), cotton (2 years) and wheat (3 years).

The wedding of flowers and fruits has a special meaning, as it is a maturing phase of the relationship. Flowers, like relationships, are fragile and need to be watered and nurtured in order for them to remain strong and flourish.

Fruits also require dedication and care, they need monitoring and must be harvested at the right time so that they are tasty and juicy.

Fruits also refer to fertility , a special symbol for couples who have or wish to have children.

Usually, only the most important weddings are celebrated, such as the golden and silver wedding anniversary, but every year they can be celebrated by the couple to strengthen the vows they made on their wedding day.

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of marriage, it is common for couples to use flowers and fruits as gifts or as decoration for a romantic breakfast or dinner.

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