What causes hand cramps?

Hand cramps are a common event when the hands also experience muscle spasms. Often very painful, hand cramps can be a sign of several different types of illnesses, most of which can be cured or at least managed. In some cases, the root cause of cramps is nothing more than overworked hands that require a bit of rest to allow muscle tension to subside to normal levels.

People who do repetitive manual labor are more likely to experience hand cramps from time to time. This includes people who work primarily on computers, typing for most of the workday. In addition, factory workers who use their hands for repetitive handling of materials on an assembly line may also find that their hands become sore and tend to cramp more frequently. Usually, some kind of deep-heating cream will help relax tight muscles and relieve cramps, especially when accompanied by a break from activity for half an hour or more.

Nutritional deficiencies can also be the main cause of hand cramps. In particular, the lack of calcium in the diet can cause tension in the hands and lead to cramps. In some people, the lower levels of potassium and vitamin D will also cause cramps that can be very painful. Using nutritional supplements and making some dietary adjustments to ensure that missing nutrients are consumed on a daily basis will usually relieve cramps in about a day.

Hand cramps can also be caused by low fluid intake. When this is the case, something as simple as making sure to drink more water and other fluids, such as fruit juice or herbal teas, will help reverse the problem. Note that liquids containing caffeine can exacerbate the problem and are generally not recommended when there is a need to rehydrate the body after exercise and other strenuous activities.

Along with the everyday problems that can lead to hand cramps, this type of pain can also be linked to a number of different health issues. People who have Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, or multiple sclerosis, or who have some type of nervous system damage may find that cramps are part of the symptoms they commonly experience. An overactive or underactive thyroid can also be the reason behind hand cramps. For this reason, ongoing problems with cramps should be reported to a doctor, and tests should be done to determine if there is an ongoing health problem that manifests itself in part with cramps. By discovering exactly what is causing the hand cramps, the appropriate treatments can be started and the individual can enjoy relatively pain-free days.

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