What causes a sore throat?

After a throat infection, a sore throat or sore skin on the tonsils may occur. Such trauma is often caused by sharp foods, such as ice, tortilla chips, or the accidental swallowing of a shell, which can cut the throat during the swallowing process. An oral sore can also cause a sore anywhere in the mouth or throat. Regardless of the cause, a canker sore will usually go away on its own after several days.

A sore throat caused by tonsillitis or strep throat can trigger a canker sore even after the initial throat condition has subsided. Also known as a canker sore, canker sores are painful and unsightly, but they are not contagious. Unlike a cold sore or fever blister caused by the herpes virus, a canker sore in the throat or anywhere else in the mouth cannot be spread by kissing, having oral sex, or eating with the same utensils as someone else.

Injury to the delicate tissue lining the throat can lead to the development of a canker sore. Sometimes a sore occurs after the throat has been burned by hot liquid or food, or it can occur if the skin of the throat is damaged or broken. Spicy foods can irritate a canker sore and should be avoided until it has healed completely.

In some people, a canker sore in the throat can also be caused by a reaction to certain foods. For example, some people with gluten allergies complain of recurring canker sores. Diet changes can help prevent these sores from occurring in the future.

A canker sore in the throat or elsewhere in the mouth is not necessarily a sign of an underlying disease. While some may be caused by a sore throat due to infection, they are usually only triggered by inflammation of the throat tissue due to infection and not infection alone. Canker sores are self-healing and since they are not caused by a viral infection, antibiotics are not prescribed for their treatment.

Home remedies, such as covering an oral sore with tea or milk of magnesia, are more difficult to use on a canker sore throat, as some are not easily accessible. Still, it is recommended to avoid foods and drinks that can irritate the throat to relieve it. Also, gargling with tea, as well as baking soda and water, can help soothe a sore throat and help it heal faster.

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