What are white beetles like?

They are known as white beetles to the beetles of the gender Cyphochilussmall arthropods of the class insect endemic to southeast asia very conspicuous for white scales covering its exoskeleton.

There is also a genus of orchids called Cyphochilusso it is likely that you will have to specify what type of organism you are talking about in most situations.

The whitest known animal

White beetles are known as the whitest known animal, in fact, the white of their body is purer even than the vast majority of artificial white substances. Some studies using light microscopy, laser analysis, and spectrometry find that white beetles were whiter than milk or human teeth.

The white scale covering is made up of sclerotin microfilaments as small as ≈ 5-7 μm, highly packed, and a random three-dimensional arrangement. This microstructure counteracts the low refractive index of the sclerotin and makes it possible for the body of these beetles to scatter all wavelengths with the same efficiencywhich produces the color white.

The exoskeleton below these scales is black in color and yet the shell is capable of generating the purest white color known among animals. White beetles are believed to have developed this coloration as camouflage method among white fungi, common in their natural habitats.

But sclerotin, a protein polymer derived from chitin, is not exclusive to white beetles. Sclerotin is present in most arthropods as part of the composition of the exoskeleton to increase rigidity in certain areas, generally greater in the harder parts of the exoskeleton, such as the jaws or sclerites.

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