What are Weddings?

Bodas is the name of the celebration of wedding parties , whether civil or religious. Weddings are celebrated every year and each year receives a different meaning and denomination.

The term "wedding" originated from the Latin " vota ", meaning "promise". Boda is a wedding celebration, the name is mostly used in the plural - wedding - and refers to the marriage vows, made on the wedding day.

For each wedding year there is a material that represents the new stage, and it is already a traditional celebration in western culture to celebrate the wedding anniversary.

The wedding tradition arose in Germany, where it was the custom in small towns to offer a silver crown to couples who had been married for 25 years, and a gold crown to those who reached 50.

So, over the centuries, other symbols were created for the following years, and the longer you've been married, the greater the importance of the material, which ranges from the most fragile to the most resistant.

In addition to the names of the wedding anniversary, it is also possible to find lists with the names of the wedding anniversary, to commemorate the months and years. It is important to mention that the lists are not official, and therefore there are often differences in the designation of some weddings.

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Wedding wedding name

1st year: Paper wedding

2nd year: Cotton wedding

3rd year: Wheat or leather

wedding 4th year: Flowers and fruit wedding

5th year: Wood or iron

wedding 6th year: Sugar or perfume

wedding 7th year: Brass or 8th grade: Earthen

or poppy

wedding 9th grade: Ceramic or wicker wedding

10th grade: Tin or zinc

wedding 11th grade: Steel wedding

12th grade: Silk or onyx

wedding 13th grade: Linen or lace wedding

14th grade: Ivory wedding

15th year: Crystal wedding

20th year: Porcelain wedding

25th year:

30th Year Silver Wedding: Pearl Wedding

35th Year: Coral Wedding

40th Year: Emerald Wedding

45th Year: Ruby Wedding

50th Year: Gold Wedding

55th Year: Amethyst Wedding

60th Year: Diamond Wedding

65th Year: 75th year platinum

: Brilliant or alabaster wedding

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