What are vinyl gloves?

Vinyl gloves are an alternative to latex or nitrile gloves. Although they have the advantage of being latex-free, they are generally not suitable for certain applications. Especially in the medical field, people may not use vinyl gloves because they are less puncture-resistant and not as adjustable as synthetic or natural latex, but some are available as exam gloves in doctors' offices. However, there are many other uses for gloves, and they are made in disposable and reusable types.

Disposable vinyl glove types are generally referred to as utility-grade gloves because they may not be suitable for most medical procedures or emergency medical care. They have many applications and can be used for basic housekeeping or light industrial work. These may include washing dishes, using common cleaning chemicals, or having to put your hands in contact with hair dye. Some people wear vinyl gloves when handling raw meat, and when the gloves fit properly, they protect the hands from direct exposure to various things that can create disease or cause skin breakdown.

There are some people who find vinyl gloves difficult to wear for long periods of time. They can make hands sweaty, and some people develop rashes if used regularly. They do not present breathability, but this is a danger for many types of gloves. In general, if a glove protects the skin from contact with fluids, it also prevents the skin from breathing naturally.

Disposable gloves are usually sold in boxes, although in supermarkets or pharmacies, it is possible to find smaller packages. Boxes usually contain between 50 and 100 gloves, with some people buying more when used frequently. It is advisable for any business that requires gloved procedures to invest in some vinyl or nitrile gloves because there is a chance that one or more employees may be sensitive to latex or develop allergies to it due to constant latex exposure.

Reusable vinyl gloves are an alternative that can last for a long time, especially when performing common household tasks like washing dishes. Sometimes these gloves have a soft cotton lining, which can be comfortable on the skin. Also, many vinyl gloves are powdered, and when reusable gloves are lined with another fabric, the fabric acts like a powder and makes the gloves easier to put on.

The care of reusable gloves must take into account how they are used. If cleaning with strong chemicals, gloves should be thoroughly washed after each use. Similarly, the use of vinyl gloves to clean up messy spills or to handle potential contaminants indicates that they deserve a good cleaning before reuse. It is not advisable to use the same pair of gloves for all purposes. For example, it probably wouldn't be wise to wash dishes with the same gloves used to clean the toilet.

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