What are the most common causes of constant swelling?

There are many potential causes of constant bloating, but in general the problem can be attributed to diet or the way the body digests. For example, some people find that certain foods cause bloating more than others. In some cases, simply eating too much at one time can cause bloating, and reducing portion sizes will solve the problem. However, there are other causes of constant bloating that need to be considered, such as a reduction in digestive enzymes in the body.

Constant indigestion and bloating can be uncomfortable and cause a variety of different symptoms. For example, the intestine will feel bloated and there may be pain, indigestion and flatulence. Although the swelling usually only occurs for a short period of time, for some people it is an ongoing problem. Treatment of constant swelling usually focuses on solving the underlying problem and then trying to fix it.

The most common cause of constant bloating is a person who regularly eats too much at meals. Over time, you may use large portions and not realize that this is what is causing the bloated feeling. In addition to meals, indigestion can also be caused by eating a large amount of junk food that is high in sugar and salt. In this situation, solving the problem is reducing portion sizes to a level that the body can handle effectively.

Another common cause of constant bloating is drinking too much during a meal. The liquid will not only fill a person's stomach, but it will also dilute the enzymes responsible for digestion. This can cause food to be digested more slowly than usual and thus cause bloating.

There are a number of other possible causes of constant swelling. For example, some people are intolerant to specific types of food, while others do not chew food properly. There is also evidence that repeated use of certain medications can cause swelling over time. Also, as people age, the amount of digestive enzymes in the stomach naturally decreases.

To try to reduce the effects of constant bloating, a person should initially examine their diet. By eliminating foods that are known to cause bloating, it's possible to quickly find out if a certain food is the problem. Not only will this help reduce the chance of indigestion, but it will also often provide a healthier, more balanced diet.

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