What are the most common causes of back pain and fatigue?

Back pain is often a crippling disorder that can make it difficult for an individual to perform normal activities in their daily lives. Fatigue is a feeling of extreme exhaustion, which also makes life difficult. If an individual suffers from both back pain and fatigue, they may have a serious problem. The most common causes of these symptoms include disc injury, severe muscle strains, cancer, kidney problems, and fibromyalgia.

The back is a complex structure that is made up of muscles, spinal discs, and the spinal cord. This is a sensitive area for humans because it handles thousands of senses and nerves throughout the body. A serious disc injury can cause pain and fatigue. The pain can cause muscle spasms that become overwhelming to the nervous system, causing extreme fatigue throughout the body.

Fibromyalgia is a nerve disorder that causes pain in the body that is felt in the muscles and tendons. Most people with this disorder have difficulty sleeping, causing general fatigue. Low back pain and fatigue is a combined symptom that is often described by many fibromyalgia patients. Strong pain medications are usually required to reduce these symptoms.

Kidney stones often cause these symptoms as well. When an individual feels sharp pains in the lower back near the kidneys, they should seek medical evaluation. This is usually a sign of an upcoming kidney stone attack. Additional symptoms include fever and blood in the urine. Kidney stone removal is a painful process that may require several days in the hospital, but the pain will not subside until the stones are removed.

There are many types of cancer that cause back pain and fatigue. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and it destroys various parts of the body. Some examples of cancer that can cause back pain are ovarian, kidney, and prostate cancer. Many people with cancer may also develop symptoms of low back pain from chemotherapy treatments.

A pulled muscle in the back can also cause pain, which in turn causes fatigue. This type of injury is common in people who lift heavy equipment or boxes. Lower back injuries require rest, therapy, and medication to limit the muscle spasms that occur with a pulled muscle. A person sustaining this type of injury will require several weeks of low-impact therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling. This is usually accomplished through the use of cold ice treatments with muscle relaxant medications.

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