What are the most common causes of armpit pain?

The most common causes of armpit pain include glandular swelling, colds, cysts, muscle pulls, and shingles. Many fear the worst when they experience a painful underarm area, but in most cases, the pain is not indicative of any serious or life-threatening illness. As long as armpit pain isn't long-lasting or chronic, it's usually a minor annoyance that will go away as soon as it hits.

Armpit pain is often caused by swollen lymph glands. Lymph nodes cover the region under the arm and, in women, around the breasts; The lymph nodes are extremely sensitive and can easily swell, but fortunately they are rarely a cause for alarm. The swelling tends to dissipate in a few days. However, people with swollen lymph nodes are advised to monitor the condition; If it persists, medical intervention may be necessary. In those rare cases where the swollen glands do not go away on their own, there is a small chance that they could indicate some strain of serious viral infection or cancer.

The common cold can cause pain throughout the body. Upper respiratory tract infection is known to initiate pain throughout the body, and a common symptom is pain in the armpits. Health professionals advise plenty of rest, vitamin C, and, if necessary, over-the-counter medications to combat the physical pain associated with colds. Usually the pain in the arm subsides and eventually heals with the rest of the body.

Cysts can develop quite easily in the armpit. Tiny pockets of fluid and debris tend to collect in this warm, moist, dark area, and in the vast majority of cases, these are completely benign, simply the body's way of getting rid of excess dirt and toxins. Despite their generally harmless nature, cysts can cause quite significant underarm pain. If an individual feels a cyst in the armpit, it is commonly recommended to have it checked out by a doctor. Some types of cancer first manifest themselves this way, although in most cases, a cyst is just a natural byproduct of the body's cleansing processes.

Another common cause of underarm pain is a pulled muscle. This can often be one of the most excruciating types of armpit pain. The muscle pectoralis it can be strained by an intense round at the gym or just picking up a bag of groceries. Doctors suggest heat, ice, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as a good course of treatment.

Herpes zoster, or shingles, is a painful condition in which a virus attacks the body, causing an uncomfortable rash. They tend to flare only on one side of the body, on the back, chest, and arms. Underarm pain is a common byproduct of shingles.

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