What are the different types of school receptionist jobs?

In practice, most school receptionist jobs are made up of a collection of similar tasks and daily job duties. Some receptionists may work more often at a school's front desk, while others may provide more behind-the-scenes administrative support. In general, however, most school receptionist jobs involve answering the phone and assisting callers, as well as providing assistance to everyone in the school, including students and staff. Most medium and large schools will have multiple receptionists and administrative professionals working at the same time; some work year-round, but most will only work during the school year, as there is less need during the summer break.

School receptionist jobs typically involve handling the front desk of a school. As a result, daily duties will include answering the phone when people call the school, as well as assisting people who enter, whether they are students, parents, or other visitors. In the morning, the school receptionist might be primarily responsible for collecting attendance records and answering the phones of parents who call to say that their children will not be in school that day, and then prepare the attendance report. The next few hours of the day will likely be a little less busy, but receptionists should still be available to provide assistance and answer questions as needed throughout the day.

The school receptionist may also provide assistance to other school administrators, such as the principal and assistant principal, as well as anyone else who works in the office. Although these people will sometimes have individual administrative assistants, in smaller schools the receptionist might simply provide this assistance to everyone. This may involve scheduling meetings, preparing reports, and maintaining the general office environment. These school receptionist jobs are somewhat less common, as most schools will have a variety of staff to perform these duties, but they do exist, especially in smaller communities.

Many school receptionist jobs will only exist during the months of the year that school is open, although some schools will keep one or two receptionists on staff during the summer. These individuals will again provide administrative support and help prepare for the new school year. Otherwise, the reception hours of the school are usually the same as those of the students in the school. A person who is successful as a school receptionist will likely be eligible for raises and/or promotions, particularly if administrators are hiring someone to be an executive administrative assistant.

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