What are the different types of gastroenterology jobs?

Gastroenterology jobs involve working with the human digestive tract and diseases or disorders associated with the digestive system. There are different gastroenterology jobs, such as a doctor, a nurse, or a pediatric gastroenterologist. These positions require a great deal of education and several medical internships. Gastroenterology jobs can provide rewarding work with good pay and benefits.

One of the most difficult gastroenterology jobs can be a doctor in the field of gastroenterology. These doctors are called gastroenterologists. They specialize in treating and possibly curing all forms of digestive ailments. Sometimes these specialists have their own private practice. This can come at a high cost, and some gastroenterologists will hire other doctors and nurses to help run the practice.

Some doctors can find gastroenterology jobs in a hospital. Hospital gastroenterologists often work in shifts. They are called in to help with emergency situations and sometimes surgeries. This type of work may require long hours and the ability to work with other doctors and nurses.

Some gastroenterologists want to work in pediatric care. These doctors focus on children who have digestive problems. Pediatric doctors may practice medicine on infants and adolescents. Although all gastroenterologists have to go through medical school and a lengthy internship, pediatric physicians must also complete a pediatric residency and then a pediatric-specific gastroenterology residency.

Some people choose to become a gastroenterology nurse or nurse practitioner. A gastroenterology nurse will assist the doctor in patient management along with vital signs and monitor patients with ongoing conditions. Nurses often work long shifts in a doctor's office or hospital. These nurses must have specific education in the field of gastroenterology.

A nurse practitioner must have more education than a nurse. An intern is very similar to a doctor, except she did not complete medical school. Nurses are often seen by patients, especially if the patient does not have a critical medical problem. They often talk with doctors about the best form of treatment.

There are experienced gastroenterologists who stop practicing medicine to teach others about gastroenterology. There may be gastroenterology jobs at a university or college that offers a medical school. Some gastroenterologists complete extensive research in the field to help create new medical treatments and procedures. These jobs are usually funded by health care companies or government grants.

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