What are the different causes of dry throat?

Most people generally agree that having a dry throat is uncomfortable. A dry throat can significantly affect every detail of daily life, from speaking to chewing and swallowing. Causes of dry throat can include sore throat, allergies, and vocal strain. Dehydration and exposure to irritants like smoke can be other major causes. Fortunately, in most cases, a dry throat can be easily resolved in a number of ways.

Sometimes dry throat occurs along with a sore throat. In fact, itching and extreme dryness of the throat are some of the main symptoms of a sore throat. The dryness of the throat can be even more profound if the throat becomes infected. A persistent cough can also cause a dry throat. Sometimes the causes of a dry throat can extend to more serious problems, such as growths in the throat and malfunctioning salivary glands.

Allergies can be additional causes of dry throat. A dry throat can be an allergic reaction to allergens like mold, pet dander, and pollen. Taking a new medication or being bitten by an insect can also cause an allergy that could cause this type of dryness. For some people, eating foods they are allergic to can also make their throat dry as well. Avoiding potential allergy triggers can often reduce this cause of a dry throat.

Vocal strain is a common cause of dry throat. There are several ways that vocal strain can occur. This can be done by long periods of yelling or talking loudly. Vocal strain can also be the result of continually singing or speaking in a normal tone. People who make a living using their voice frequently can get dry throats.

Dehydration, which occurs when you lose more fluids than you absorb, can also cause a dry throat. Common causes of dehydration include fever, excessive vomiting, sweating, and chronic diarrhea. When a person is dehydrated, they usually drink very little. Going a long period of time without drinking can quickly dry out your throat. Xerostomia, or dry mouth, fatigue, and lightheadedness can be additional dehydration side effects.

Sometimes the throat becomes dry due to the irritants a person is exposed to. A common irritant that can cause a dry throat is smoke. In most cases, tobacco smoke is the culprit, although any type of smoke can cause this type of throat problem. Dry throat causes can also include chemical irritants, such as household cleaners, which can make your throat dry and sore. Exposure to certain fragrances like perfumes and colognes can also cause a person to develop a dry throat.

Although the causes of a dry throat can differ widely, the remedies for this problem are usually simple. In general, non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated beverages will work best for a dry throat. If the dryness is due to vocal strain, not speaking for a while can also help. Also, if dry throat is caused by an allergy, avoiding allergic triggers may be all the necessary treatment.

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