What are the common causes of vaginal swelling?

There are many conditions and types of injuries that have the potential to cause vaginal swelling. Among the most common are trauma to the vaginal area during sexual intercourse and injuries resulting from a blow to the area. Some women may also develop vaginal swelling after childbirth, regardless of whether they have vaginal deliveries or cesarean sections (C-sections). Vaginal infections, including yeast infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), can also cause swelling in some cases. Also, exposure to harsh and irritating chemicals in the form of soaps, detergents, bubble baths, and even scented feminine products can cause the problem or make it worse.

One of the most common causes of vaginal swelling is some kind of trauma. For example, a woman may experience vaginal swelling after particularly rough intercourse or even after intercourse without sufficient lubrication. A woman may also have swelling after an injury to the vaginal area, such as a blow to the vagina. Some women may also notice swelling in this area if the vagina is injured or irritated from horseback riding or dancing.

Sometimes women also experience vaginal swelling after childbirth. The movement of a baby through the birth canal can be traumatic to the vaginal tissues, and some women experience swelling in this area that lasts for several days. Similarly, a woman may experience pain in the area after having a baby. Interestingly, a woman can also experience vaginal swelling after a C-section. This may be due to hormonal changes, pressure during labor, unsuccessful push attempts, or attempts at assisted vaginal delivery before deciding to have a C-section.

Vaginal infections are also among the most common causes of vaginal swelling. For example, itching and swelling are common symptoms among women who have vaginal yeast infections. A woman may also experience swelling in the vaginal area after developing a bacterial infection. STDs are also among the most common causes of vaginal swelling and irritation.

The chemicals can also sometimes cause swelling of the vagina. For example, a woman may experience vaginal irritation after using a new laundry detergent or body wash. Some women also find bubble baths, scented maxi pads, and tampons irritating. A woman may even find that spermicides and lubricated condoms cause irritation and swelling or contribute to the problem. However, once irritation and inflammation have developed, something as simple as wiping with abrasive toilet paper or wearing underwear that is too tight can make things worse.

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