What are the common causes of tongue swelling?

The two most common things that have the potential to cause tongue swelling are tongue injuries and allergic reactions. In addition, certain diseases can cause swelling of the tongue, including scarlet fever, among others. It is also possible for the taste buds to become inflamed for a variety of reasons. Some of the problems that cause a swollen tongue are considered dangerous, so it is often important for people suffering from an unexplained swollen tongue to see a doctor and make sure that nothing serious is happening.

A person's tongue can easily become inflamed due to injuries. For example, if someone bites their tongue while eating or after a fall, it would not be uncommon for the tongue to swell. Another common injury is burning the tongue when eating something very hot. Most of these injuries will heal on their own without the need for medical attention, and most people know why their tongues swell when this is due to an injury.

A potentially serious danger that can trigger tongue swelling is any kind of allergic reaction. Sometimes these can be relatively minor and can involve the body reacting badly to something that touches the surface of the tongue. In other cases, tongue swelling due to allergies can be more serious and life-threatening.

A common and dangerous allergy that triggers tongue swelling is the inability to tolerate peanuts. People with this allergy can sometimes experience severe internal and external swelling, including on the tongue. If the tongue swells too much, it can inhibit breathing and suffocate someone. There are many other types of food allergies that can potentially have this kind of dangerous reaction. Some people also experience swelling of the tongue due to the medications they are taking, and this can cause the same kind of dangerous reaction in some situations.

A condition known as transient lingual papillitis sometimes causes swelling of the tongue. This usually only causes small, painful sores on the tongue, but it can be serious enough to cause the entire tongue to swell in certain cases. The condition can often be very painful, but it is usually not dangerous.

Anything that causes tongue inflammation can be quite difficult for people from a practical standpoint. The tongue is used for very important daily activities like talking and eating, which are hard to avoid. If something goes wrong with the tongue, it can be very emotionally irritating, especially if there is a lot of pain involved.

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