What are the common causes of puffy and puffy eyes?

There are several potential problems that can lead to puffy eyes, but there are a few culprits that are more common than the rest. Allergies are usually the most common cause and are often accompanied by other symptoms such as sneezing and drainage from the eye. Another common cause is water retention, which can be triggered by metabolic processes, certain food choices, and the body's natural cycles. Sometimes puffy, puffy eyes are caused by general inflammation, either from some type of eye irritation or an inflammatory disease that causes widespread symptoms throughout the body.

Most of the time, puffy and puffy eyes are not really a serious condition. With enough time, the swelling usually goes away on its own and there are usually no further complications. Some people consider swollen eyelids to be a serious cosmetic problem, and for these people, finding out exactly what is causing the swelling in the first place can be a priority.

Swollen and puffy eyes are usually the result of an allergy. Swelling of the eyelids is usually a normal part of the process of an allergic reaction, which can also include nasal drainage, coughing, and excessive tear production. Sometimes these types of allergic responses can be serious and can include swelling of the tongue, blockage of the airway, and other life-threatening problems. Usually, however, they come from minor irritants and the symptoms don't reach a dangerous level. When puffy, puffy eyes are caused by an allergy, certain medications can be helpful, and avoiding the offending allergen is also a good idea if it is possible for the individual to do so.

The eyelids are one of the areas where excess water is sometimes stored; therefore, when the body starts to retain water for some reason, puffy eyes are very likely to become puffy. For example, if someone drinks a lot of alcohol, they are likely to become dehydrated and the body will often start to retain water, possibly leading to swollen eyelids. The female body's cycles can also lead to water retention, and many experts believe that certain food choices can cause the body to retain water, including consuming too much sodium. If the problem is caused by water retention, drinking a little extra water can sometimes reduce bloating.

Inflammatory diseases that affect the autoimmune system can cause abnormal swelling around the body, including the eyelids. If the problem stems from an autoimmune disease, there will often be other symptoms as well, such as swelling in other areas and joint pain. Additional causes include lack of sleep, dry eyes caused by wind in the open air, and eyelid injury from foreign particles.

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