What are the common causes of morning back pain?

Morning back pain is usually caused by poor sleep, especially if the pain tends to go away as the day goes on. Poor sleep that causes back pain in the morning could be due to an uncomfortable mattress or pillow. It can also occur when a person sleeps through the night in an awkward, uncomfortable position. Another thing that can contribute to morning back pain is poor posture, both during the day and during sleep. Arthritis or a pinched nerve can also cause back pain in the morning.

If a person suspects that their back pain is related to the way they are sleeping, they can usually eliminate the problem by trying to improve their sleep situation. A pillow that is flat can cause a person to sleep with their head at an uncomfortable angle to their body. Also, a worn-out mattress that is unpleasant to lie on does nothing to comfort a person with tired muscles that need rest. Replacing pillows and mattresses can solve morning back pain problems. If not, your back pain is likely related to something else.

People with poor posture tend to have more back pain problems in the morning than people who stand and sit upright. A person who makes a conscious effort every day to improve their posture may wake up in the morning with less pain. It is also probably a good idea for a person to practice good sleeping posture. In most cases, sleeping on your stomach contributes to more back pain than sleeping on your back or side. Changing positions at night can also be beneficial because it maintains constant pressure on certain parts of the body.

Arthritis is a common culprit for morning back pain. Many people start having arthritis problems in their 30s or 40s, and symptoms are usually worse in the morning. Arthritis usually gets better as the day goes on and the person gets up and starts moving. Another possible cause of morning back pain is pinched nerves. This can happen at night simply from sleeping in the wrong position for too long. The only way to correctly diagnose arthritis or a pinched nerve is through a doctor, and a person with chronic back problems in the morning should see one as soon as possible to make sure the pain isn't caused by a more serious problem.

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