What are the characteristics of MMO addiction?

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) games are often considered addictive by those who play them. This means that some players find it difficult to play in moderation and may find it difficult to stop playing when necessary. For this reason, one of the most common characteristics of an MMO addiction is the tendency to choose gaming over responsibilities and other hobbies. Addicted gamers also often find it difficult to separate their gaming from the rest of their lives, which means they may let a gambling loss ruin their day or upset them enough to break real-world belongings. Online gaming addicts may also spend large amounts of money they don't have, just so they can keep playing.

Some gamers who play video games of this type manage to fit it into their week without letting it take over, but addicted gamers usually don't find moderation possible. This means they might start playing games instead of hanging out with friends or engaging in other hobbies they used to enjoy. While this is often the first sign of an MMO addiction, the more serious signs often appear when gamers place this activity not only above their other hobbies but above their responsibilities. They may start missing school or work in order to play, which can make it hard to get good grades or keep a job. Players with an MMO addiction may also neglect their health and hygiene, because taking showers, eating, and even sleeping would reduce their game time.

Another sign of MMO addiction is the inability to realize that what happens in the game is separate from real life. This is why some players become destructive when they die in the game or lose to another player, which means they can punch holes in the wall, knock over your computer monitor, or break your desk. They also often threaten other players, as well as family and friends who have nothing to do with the game. This is often the point where loved ones realize there is a problem.

Many MMOs require an initial cost for the game and a monthly fee to play, which is not an issue for most gamers. The problem arises when an addicted gambler starts spending money he doesn't have and pays for gambling before paying for room and board. Many of the most addicted gamers can't hold down a job, because they play most days. This makes the tendency to spend money not a fairly common sign of MMO addiction. They may use credit cards or family money to finance their addiction, which is a problem that tends not to go away until the problem is recognized and treated.

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