There are possible benefits of an unpaid internship. These include the experience a person can gain from participating in one and the skills he can develop and eventually use in a paid position. In some cases, a person may earn school credit for completing an unpaid internship, and may also develop important contacts from an internship. Also, some people who participate in unpaid internships are eventually offered jobs by the companies they interned for.

One of the main benefits of an unpaid internship is the opportunity to gain experience in a particular field. For example, a person who wants to become an interior decorator can take an unpaid internship to gain hands-on experience working on interior decorating projects. The skills she develops through such an internship can prove valuable when she eventually lands a job in the field or starts her own business. In fact, some companies may be more likely to hire someone who has prior experience, even if they gained that experience through an unpaid internship.

Unpaid internships also often offer school-related intern benefits. In many cases, unpaid internships translate into high school or college credit for the participant. This can help the intern in several ways. First, credits earned through an internship can count toward a person’s high school or college graduation requirements. Additionally, the credit is listed on the intern’s transcript and may improve your chances of being admitted to another school. For example, a college or graduate school admissions officer may consider a person’s internship experience when deciding whether or not to admit her.

An individual can also develop important contacts through an unpaid internship. These contacts can be helpful when looking for a paid position later or in the event the intern starts his own business and is looking for clients. In such a case, contacts may recommend the former intern to potential employers and clients or share information about available jobs with him.

Sometimes an unpaid internship can also lead to a paid position for the intern. An employer who has worked with an unpaid intern has enjoyed the opportunity to judge his skills and suitability as an employee. If the intern performed well, the employer may eventually offer him or her a paid position with the company.