What are pressure bandages used for?

The pressure bandage, also called compression bandage or elastic bandage, describes a wide variety of types of bandages that have in common the main purpose of Pressalthough they can be used for various purposes.

One of the main effects of pressure bandaging is the reduced blood flow. This effect is due to the reduction in the volume of the blood vessels when compressing and thanks to it, the most important therapeutic benefits of pressure bandaging are obtained, such as the prevention of hemorrhages or the reduction of inflammation.

prevent bleeding

Applying a pressure bandage to a bleeding wound can help prevent excessive blood loss and prevent bleeding. The goal of the pressure bandage is to slow down the bleeding, ideally enough so that natural coagulation is possible. In addition to stopping the bleeding, the bandage protects the wound and reduces the possibility of infection.

The pressure bandage is very useful in the context of first aid and emergency situations. The bandage can be applied over absorbent gauzes to help reduce bleeding and prevent major bleeding in large wounds. If necessary, it can be applied with any tissue at hand until professional assistance arrives.

Reduce inflammation. Sprains and other injuries.

The pressure bandage, by exerting a constant and stable pressure on the blood vessels, manages to reduce inflammation, very useful in case of bruises, muscle strains and sprains. In addition, the pressure bandage can be used to limit joint movementwhich is also very useful in many types of trauma.

Improved venous return. Varicose veins.

The compression bandage can help improve venous return, in addition to reducing the extravasation of fluid and swelling that causes inefficient venous return. This effect is achieved by applying the bandage in such a way that it exerts greater pressure on the most distal part of the limb and less pressure on the most proximal part.

By improving venous return, the pressure bandage improves conditions such as varicose veins and venous ulcers; also improves symptoms associated with venous return such as swollen feet or tired legs.

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