Ear mites are parasitic organisms that infest the ears of cats, dogs, and other furry pets. If left untreated, an ear mite infestation can have some serious consequences, including rupture of the eardrum, so it is necessary to treat ear mites as soon as signs are seen. Pet owners should also be aware that ear mites are highly infectious, although humans are generally not bothered by ear mites.

These microscopic organisms look like tiny crabs and, to your pet, are extremely irritating. Early signs of ear mite infestation include frequent shaking of the head and scratching around the ears. Animals may itch so much that they draw blood and may develop a foul-smelling discharge. Another hint of mites is the appearance of a substance that looks like ground coffee in the ears.

The most common form of ear mite is otodectes cynotis . Treatment for dog ear mites and cat ear mites, regardless of species, is the same: a pesticide is applied to the ear to kill the mites, and the application is repeated several times afterwards to ensure that all the mites and their eggs are gone. have been killed Failure to follow a series of treatments for canine or feline ear mites can lead to recurrence of the infestation.

If you suspect your dog or cat has ear mites, it’s a good idea to go to the vet. Your vet can confirm that the problem is indeed ear mites and not some other type of infection. He or she may also clean your pet’s ears to remove debris and mites; The vet may also apply a soothing lotion to relieve itching and pain. This will make the animal more comfortable and increase healing time. Once the pet’s ears have been cleaned, he will be given a topical or oral medication to treat ear mites, or the vet may use an injection of medication.

When using topical medications to treat dog and cat ear mites, it’s important to ensure they work completely in the ear. Many animals don’t like it when people poke their ears, so it’s a good idea to work slowly and patiently and wrap the animal in a towel to keep it calm. After a treatment for ear mites, it is recommended to offer a treat as a reward, so that the animal associates a positive result with the experience.