The Cost of Dupixent in Canada

While the US and other countries have variable insurance-based costs for Dupixent, the pricing works differently in Canada due to its universal healthcare system. Here are the key details on Dupixent costs:

Public Drug Plan Coverage

Provincial public drug plans in Canada cover a portion of the cost of Dupixent for approved conditions. Coverage may depend on residency, income level, age, or other factors depending on the province. Most plans cover 75-90% of medication costs.

Private Drug Plan Coverage

Canadians with private employer or individual drug plans may have full or partial coverage, depending on the specific plan. These supplemental plans often cover the remainder of costs after provincial drug plans.

Costs Without Insurance

For Canadians without public or private drug coverage, the listed price of Dupixent is high. The monthly cost is around $1,650-2,000 CAD before any discounts. However, most patients do qualify for assistance.

Manufacturer Patient Assistance

Sanofi provides a Patient Support Program that offers Dupixent at no cost to eligible uninsured Canadians. Income qualifications apply. There are also copay assistance programs to help patients cover their portion.

In summary, for most Canadians the true out-of-pocket cost of Dupixent ranges from $0 to a few hundred dollars per month, depending on insurance coverage and patient assistance qualifications. Access to this treatment is more affordable compared to países donde el seguro médico es opcional.

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