How to treat a boil in the armpits?

The boils in the armpits, also called born, are due to infection of a hair follicle. The bacterium most common in these infections is Staphylococcus aureusa bacterium that normally lives on the skin without causing problems.

As a general rule, boils that appear in the armpits do not need any special treatment and they disappear by themselves in a week or two, although some can become inflamed, very painful, filled with pus, and require antibiotic treatment.

Furuncle drainage

Stages in the formation of a boil until it drains

The first thing to do is to facilitate the drainage of the boil. To do this, you can apply a compress or cloth moistened with hot water and let act. Heat and humidity will favor the boil open without pain and that the pus can come out.

After each use, wash the compress or cloth used, wash your hands as well as the affected armpit with soap and water, especially if pus has started to come out.

Although it may be tempting to exploit the boil as if it were acne, never do it since you can favor the spread of infection surrounding areas by pressing on the pus under the skin.

Medical treatment

If he boil is very large, very bothersome, or does not go away after a week or two, you should go to the doctor to treat it properly.

A common procedure is make a small cut at the base of the boil to drain the pus. If he boil is very large, the doctor may insert a small piece of gauze into the hole so that it continues to drain through it throughout the day.

If it is necessary to change the gauze for a clean one periodically, the doctor will give you the precise instructions on how and when to do it.

If your doctor deems it necessary, he or she may prescribe antibiotics, either orally, topically, or both. antibiotics for boils They are usually prescribed in cases that are very large or recurrent.

If he boil is caused by infection Staphylococcus aureus resistant to methicillin (SRAM)you will inevitably have to take antibiotics.

The SRAM is a strain resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics, including the group of penicillins and cephalosporins. When the doctor orders an antibiotic treatment, you should take the full course even if you feel better or think the boil has healed.

To prevent it from reappearing, wash the sheets and clothes that have been in contact with it with very hot water. boil. Nope share blades if you you shave armpits and if you cut yourself clean it up with antiseptic soap and put a protective gauze until it heals.

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