You can delay your period for a few days or even stop it from happening for several months. Women who delay their period can usually do so without experiencing negative side effects, however some women experience side effects such as spotting. Typically, the menstrual cycle is delayed or impeded by the use of medications, such as birth control, which alter hormone levels in the body.

Many women who already take birth control pills daily have experienced one of the most common ways to delay menstruation. The typical birth control pill regimen regulates your period on a 28-day cycle using three weeks of pills containing hormones and one week of pills containing only small amounts of hormones or none at all. By skipping the fourth week of non-hormonal pills and starting a new pack of pills right away, most women will achieve the desired effect of a missed period that month. While most women don’t feel anything worse than spotting when doing this, it’s important to get a doctor’s or gynecologist’s approval first because there may be some medical conditions that can be made worse by using this technique.

A similar but more permanent solution might include taking certain types of birth control pills designed to cause menstruation only a few times a year. Also, birth control injections can affect hormones and also prevent menstruation in the long term. However, with methods like these, it can be difficult to tell if an accidental pregnancy has occurred due to a lack of normal menstruation patterns.

For those women without a prescription for birth control pills or who aren’t comfortable enough to change their pill time and delay their period without a doctor’s supervision, there may be other options. Some doctors prescribe different types of medications that also affect your hormones, although they usually have the effect of delaying your period for just a few days instead of the whole month. This can be used to prevent menstruation during a wedding or other important event. Some of the medications that may be prescribed for this use are not primarily intended to delay menstruation and may have other effects on the body. Make sure your doctor knows about your desire to use the drug’s off-label effects and can safely supervise its use.