How safe is a CT scan?

Computed tomography, also known as computed tomography, has been used since 1971 to detect disease in people and provide guidance on how the disease should be treated. A CT scan is generally considered safe to use; so safe that doctors consider it one of their most trusted medical equipment. This X-ray procedure is painless and is commonly used in hospitals. During the scan, multiple images are taken. After this happens, a computer organizes the images into detailed images of bones, tissues, and blood vessels.

When a patient undergoes a CT scan, they are exposed to a small amount of radiation. This radiation is used to take a picture of the patient's internal organs. Once the CT scan is over, there are no traces of radiation left inside the body. The image captured by the CT scan is a precise and detailed image that allows the doctor to diagnose and determine a variety of medical conditions.

As the technology has improved over the decades, so has the performance of CT scanning. The images created by the newer CT scans are so detailed that less radiation is required. Despite the benefits of CT scans, some scientists fear that increased use of this equipment could lead to more cancers. Since large amounts of radiation are known to cause cancer, some scientists believe that CT scans are being used too much.

Scientists and doctors have different opinions about the safety of CT scans. Doctors are convinced of its benefits because only a small amount of radiation is used in one scan. To date, no cases of cancer have been linked to the use of CT scans. In fact, many doctors feel that the benefits of using the equipment far outweigh the potential dangers of using it. This is because the radiation doses used in the scan are lower than those that have actually been linked to cancer.

Despite these facts, patients are discouraged from requesting a scan unless they exhibit symptoms that would benefit from being studied through images captured by a CT scan. CT scans are not foolproof; for example, diseases such as diabetes cannot be diagnosed by reviewing a CT image. If a patient is scheduled for a CT scan, she should consult with the doctor to determine why the doctor has recommended it. Although doctors consider the procedure to be safe, this does not mean that radiation should be used without good cause.

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